Clearly the road most taken

Never have I ever been this interested to walk my way down the road, for I’ve always been a person who enjoys walk/trek only with a group. Almost got me wondering if those extra pounds might be the reason, but no, I’m quite certain it isn’t so, because my heart was asking for it’s feet to touch the ground.

The drizzle in all it’s glory never took the exit road, making our journey a little more challenging. Though it played tough, we can never thank enough for the serene weather it thus induced, with a constant hum of leaves being happily pricked by the eager raindrops.

The rocky and uneven terrains were through, and the road slowly gave room to the gushing waterfalls, descending from the slow, calm and peaceful Charlotte lake. The serenity it has to offer completely blew me away, as I stood there astounded by the tranquil waters embraced in the arms of deep greenery, breathing in the misty air.

Could never get sufficiently enough of this view that the pictures manage to do absolutely no justice, and hence with a heavy heart and a hard tread we pulled back onto the road, and warmed ourselves up with the grilled corn on the cob, with lemon and chilli being generously smeared onto it’s dark blisters. Would you have asked for more? I know I wouldn’t.

The sun has risen again, and we set out on another walk down the hill, alongside the railway track. The trains stop running for straight four monsoon-loaded months, that actually helps one to soak up and enjoy the nature in hush and without a rush, joyfully trodding up and down the parallel tracks.

Proudly presenting it’s endless series of fog-kissed canopies, with no trimmings, no landscaping, and none of the surfaces being even, Matheran is an utterly stunning raw beauty worth to be soulfully admired.

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