Beyond the hills

As the train comfortably crawls up the seemingly customized and carved hillocks, it took me a mere moment to instantly believe in a stately world of heaven, that leisurely unfolds straight into the yonder.

Proudly emitting rich hues of green, the crested landscapes sure does a great deal in unhesitatingly dropping my faith in the fact that any possible kind of colour, besides these resplendent shades, exists on earth, for the degree of greenery speaks for itself.


Soaking up the glorious tinges of the tufted terrains, we had the blazingly hot sun with it’s scorching rays refracted on us through the windows, although all along there existed a delightful chill in the wind that faintly kissed our cheeks, indicating our proximity towards Ooty.

Meanwhile, we run into the gleeful creatures strolling in and about their habitat, that always managed to swiftly escape our sight and disappear into the clumps of jagged shrubs, keeping us eagerly anticipating for our next quick blink-of-an-eye visit. While they kept us waiting, we had the obvious advantage to witness these low lying areas that produce the intense and aromatic tea, that the region has synonymously pronounced itself with.



Happily nudged by a steaming engine, this journey uphill, short and sweet, mesmerized me with the rugged rocks in the laps of enchanting valleys, made this toy train ride a joy train ride, and undeniably placed itself as the best part of the trip to remember!

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