But first, tea!

Yes, tea is a beloved drink to me and not surprisingly, starts my day. The touch of tea cools the craving taste buds, yet cozies up the senses.
But honestly, drinking tea started more like an “only-left” option, rather than a conscious devoted choice. The fact that I don’t drink coffee has infamously been minted down in my family, and though ardent coffee lovers like my dad, still passively run few trials of conversions, I believe that’s pretty much rested and engraved.

Carrying a persona with quite the variety of traits in character, tea caters to a wide spectrum of people, in countless ways.
While the humble tea stalls by the street, offer a soul-refreshing taste, the steaming cups of this drink in those dreamy cafes are all about brightening the day. And do I need to mention the tea houses that are arguably impressive in evoking the regal sense in you!

The very same comfort was experienced at the Taj Mahal Tea House yesterday, where we were truly charmed and pleased with the elegantly defined interiors and the warm welcoming staff.


Sipping tea in these heavy blue cups, and munching on the cookies that were heavenly tasteful, sure matched my anticipations about the place.
And just when I thought this couldn’t get any better, my personal favourite Behag Thillana by Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, played along and slithered through the walls, and thus making me feel complete. True that.

And then suddenly, Mr.C was positively surprised (he said that himself) upon finding filter coffee being served at an adjacent table, for he is a coffee person at heart. When we looked back at the menu, yes, there it was under the section namely “COFFEE BREAK”! I found it to be amusingly hilarious! No? Well, it was to me!


All the while, there was this recurring sense of appreciation surfacing up. The heartfelt happiness on finding these brass vessels (like those back at home), at the tea counter, the pretty little gifting corner, the dedicated and devoted parlour comprising the collection of premium, hand-crafted, orthodox teas, the day on the whole was beautifully speaking.


To add to that, we were gifted with a set of premium teas when we took their leave. These are definitely to be consumed at a later date, for I’m keen on cherishing them! A nice day indeed.

Now, coming back to my tea madness.

My inclination towards tea has got the least to do with the drink, although I dearly love every sip of it. Anything associated with tea has my heart and I reckon it’s safe to call it an obsession. Probably by now, I guess it’s a no-brainer.

The mere mention of tea connects me to an illustriously elegant setup of teapots, cups, saucers, sugar cubes, platters, oh boy! the list goes on just like the buildings that never stop to appear as we keep racing in a game of Road Rash. (Nostalgia? Can’t help.)

Such is my positioning of tea, and don’t be surprised, I might host a high tea very soon, and to witness my insani-tea, you might be invited too!

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  1. Muralikrishna says:


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  2. Muralikrishna says:

    Nice.. even diehard Coffee lovers.. will, though unapprovingly, look at it, while sipping coffee

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  3. Ravi Kumar says:

    Super, expressed well.

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