Rejoice while it rains…

How a drizzling sky satisfies my soul is beyond any work of the alphabets! The pleasant aura spreads out onto the exterior as well as the mind visibly, with so delightful a hush, which later experiences a transformation into the noise of chirping humans. (Yes, humans. Birds chirp after the rain has subdued. 😉)

Monsoons induce me to look outside the window expecting a fine rain, or even awaiting a light shower sometimes, but when my anticipating pair of eyes do not find a scintillating scenery, but just get to witness an untenanted wide blue yonder, no wonder it’s a slight letdown. Slowly I drift away into way too many thoughts.

….. ” Is it not true that the rains have a storming business to do with the attendance in schools and workplaces!?
Do these rains have to come visit on the grounds of meddling up the morning routine!?
Why can’t these show up just like that simply!? After all, life is about being simple..!!…. ”

And then, it starts drizzling. My joy knew its’ bounds, as it solely depends on the duration of the rain sprinkle.
Yes, my joy is directly proportional to the intensity of the drizzle. And the rain sounds, are the icing on the cake!

All I got to do now is, … rejoice while it rains!

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