High time for a day off

Amidst all the hustle bustle, there has always been a constant desire, for each of us, to be freed from the daily chores. Weekends aren’t that helpful either to escape the household errands.
This reminds me of my mother quoting sometimes, over a few chats, hoping for a certain divine force to buy out the kitchen duties and untie us off the effort.

And coming to morning blues, those are our forever mates that have pledged to stay all along. Unless we take a trip, we do not quite witness their absence. Not a day goes by without pining for a break.


Well, all this whining of mine clearly shows that I’d really use one of such days if given a chance. And as for the chance, I reckoned Mr.C’s birthday would do (which was yesterday by the way), and it led me to decide that without any significant travel and right at my comfort, I’d hit on just what I need, and both of us took a happy break from the routine.

Finally, it has to end, but it ended quite memorably, for there ain’t a therapy that shop & dine cannot provide! 😉


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