Homecoming of Spring!

The bloom that takes place at home truly stands as an example of unimaginable delight! Spring, alike happiness, comes in all shapes and sizes. And then, follows the joy!

The joys which I’m about to reveal, are based on not the season of spring alone, but on the reason of spring as well, and are likely to be addressed as “Spring of Joys”.

When our house was being built, I very much remember all of the deeply discussed sessions of planning to build a home along with it. Right from the inked dots on the paper to the rooted plants in the garden, the transformation was fulfilling.

And then awaits, the glorious blossom!

The spring of joys visited us in many forms, namely – the first plantain shoot, the sprouting papayas, the initial clump of sapotas, the golden satiny mango leaflets, freshly foraged potatoes, oh! such a treat to behold!

My mom’s favourite plumeria, the sun-shining chrysanthemum, ultimate tradition of jasmine buds, the must-have mandaralu (hibiscus), oh darling, that is spring to me!








It feels so grateful to see the little birds making themselves pretty comfortable across our radius, and also gives immense pleasure to find my room’s balcony dearly blessed to accommodate such cuteness!

And this adorably engineered nest on the climbers to my brother’s room, has every reason to evoke a gratified smile!



Throwback to this picture when I was falling in love with the book of all seasons. People back home will literally scowl if I reveal as to which book it is!

A book in your hand and grass under your feet, just another name for a serene evening! Happy weekend dear friends!

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  1. సువర్చల says:

    చేతుల్లో నచ్చిన పుస్తకం, కాళ్ళ కింద మెత్తని పచ్చిక! బాగున్నాయి నీ కువకువలు. పువుల్లా సౌరు, పండ్ల లా మధురం!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. విభావరీ,
    అన్ని ఋతువుల ఆనందాలూ పుస్తకాలు ఇస్తాయి. అన్ని పుస్తకాల ఆనందాలూ ఋతువులు ఇస్తాయి.
    మీ మాటలు చాలా బాగున్నాయి. అన్ని ఋతువుల పూలతో బాటు ఈ పలుకుల మొగ్గలూ మీ తోటకు అందాలే.
    సంతోషం అన్ని రూపాల్లోనూ, పరిమాణాల్లోనూ వచ్చినట్టే, వసంతమూ అలరిస్తుందన్న మాట చాలా బాగుంది.

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    1. Na matala kante mi prasansa marintha andamga undi!


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