A Heartful Dinner Tonight

Quite very often we visit cafes, try different cuisines and click photographs. Well, I assume it was supposed to be something close to those thoughts, when we decided to dine out tonight, and singled out this cute little eatery called “Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe“. 🙂

As all the tables showed us their happy occupants, we helped ourselves up to the counter that gave us a clean view of the kitchen, which was indeed very pleasant with every single entity in its intended place. Neat kitchens, are happy kitchens. Of course!


Found by Amin Sheikh, this restaurant is staffed with street kids, who call it their home and are all the time happy to share their experiences and memories with this cafe, at just an ask away.

With a short and unpleasant phase of childhood spent on streets and platforms, Amin always believed in contributing to the kids of his like, and thereby implemented it by opening this cafe and giving them work, as well as hope.

It’s a wonderful gesture of providing the utmost love on earth that one can actually shower, and clearly shows ‘love‘ and ‘care‘ are the pillars of human development.



This isn’t just a library cafe, where we tend to find few variants of books along with food, but also home for novice fashion designers who run their humble line of work, in addition to the mainstream business.


Just at the foot of the entrance, there are these tiny orange baskets of home-grown spices which show their dedication towards healthy eating. It was no surprise when we did not come across any of the regular plastic ones, instead got served with this good-looking bamboo straw.

Killing it with Kindness

If you ever plan to get high with affection, you must visit this place. These chaps here are observant and helpful at every step needed.


They have this line “I am because of you” put up on their back side of their t-shirts which is a constant reminder of their gratitude towards life, and they say “Sharing is caring” while serving the dishes, which melts our hearts away.

It’s no wonder that they have garnered good attention and gained lots of love from the guests, and an ounce of that shows up here like this with all the hearty compliments and heartfelt messages.

Incredibly homelike!

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  1. Murali Krishna says:

    Fine narrative.. Murali

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nagalakshmi says:

    A write up filled with social consciousness and love for the fellow beings especially the under privileged little ones. Please keep writing Vibhavari!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much aunty! It’s really nice to receive such response from you! 😊


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