Always the best time to go to Pondicherry

The day starts with a drive by the East Coast road, where the sea on the left side, with it’s milky white smile, silently accompanies us. It has crossed noon, by the time we reached Pondicherry, with the sun brightly greeting us over our heads, and though our minds were ready to roam around, the physical energies whispered relaxation, spending our rest of the day in our resort.

Le Pondy

Bearing the name of the French, our resort looked more like ancient Indian, to me atleast. Neatly outlined furniture, minimalistic decor, vast corridors, the whole of it, gave a refreshing breathing space.

Well, sharing your ground with the sea by your side is always fun, but to our already tired souls, a game of chess with these table-top sized players, seemed less effort, which by the way, remained incomplete, thanks to our sleep.

The next morning, which marked our first wedding anniversary, we pulled ourselves to the town’s ancient Vinayaka temple. Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, busy at all the hours, is adorned by various kinds of sculptures on the inner walls, of the title lord himself, along with which,was truly a bliss to witness the sanctum!

Stories on both the sides

This town screams doors and walls! Standing for ages, capturing the soul of this colonial town, these rustic and beautiful doors, captivated the lazy writer in me.

Beyond and beneath, lie many stories to hear, many adventures to unravel!

Night stroll at the seaside promenade

It’s all in the air they say, but it’s also in the waves, I say. The rustle of the waters along with the whistle of the breeze, occupied our rest of the night, not to forget the amazing pizza (when I say amazing it’s literally amazing!!) at Sicily’s!

Lazy morning drive to the Serenity Beach

Have I told you that the waters never cease to mesmerize me? Needless to say, a visit to the beach was mandatory, and so was this hot and refreshing local stall-driven tea!

I could not explain in mere words, for they would utterly confine the soulful taste of this beloved beverage!

Now, as we drove to serenity beach, I would have wished for a less sunny day, nevertheless, it’s the water body that is of high prominence to me!



Some anonymous source quoted that – Luxury is the address to the sea, the sky and the paradise! Indeed!

The Colour Character speaks

Those walks on the streets are never enough. Leaving the colonial racism far behind, this White Town is many other things with white. Alternatively addressed as French quarter, this section of the town is home for such lovely cafes, but we happened to manage our time to this cafe alone, which is known for it’s exquisite and exclusive French cuisines, and runs right from the clock striking 7 am till the penultimate hour.

We were absolutely amazed to see a casual saree-clad woman, with a significant amount of kumkum on her forehead, bright clay bangles worn hands, as the head chef. Yes, it does look out of the ordinary, because we have been fed quite a western definition of ‘ordinary’. Behind the walls of this French scented drapes, ‘Akka! Oru Croque Provencale parcel pann‘ was undebatably the best part!

It has been a while, or should I say ages, since these rickshaws faded out of our regular transport, and has joined the vintage-tagged club, of which we millennials click photographs.


In the process of fulfilling one such endeavour, I woke this man up, but as untroubled as he can seem to be, he happily poses for me!

Might be a short stint this time, but a re-visit for this lovely town, is always in store! #PondicherryDiaries #TravelDiaries

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  1. pradyumna says:

    Good one. This indeed is the best.

    ‘Akka! Ore Croque Provencale parcel pann‘ was undebatably the best part!‘

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  2. Ramakanth says:

    Super, nice, and also agree with above comments

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  3. సువర్చల says:

    Love this one

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  4. Chinny pinny says:

    Viri ! Really superb
    I have read your travel diary just now
    The way how you are expressing your thoughts is so nice
    While I was reading this my heart filled with joy
    Particularly the expressions
    The sun brightly greetings us and
    Physical energy whispered relaxation
    Abba em cheppave! Good

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Really beautiful dear! You have a way with words..
    depicting everything you loved in a picturesque manner. Enjoyed the pictures too.Bless you always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much aunty! Influence through your works, has to have its effect. I’m happy that it pleased you. 🙂


  6. Vibhavari, you have developed a style of your own and its distinctly visible in your write up. The photographs and the description… both exhibit your artistic perspective! Please keep writing. Considering your subtle thinking and profound vocabulary, I suggest you should try your hand at translating Telugu literature into English.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well that’s quite a big deal you’re suggesting aunty! But definitely, I shall give it a shot 😊


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